Metro North East Homeschoolers
A Non-directed Support Organization

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Metro North East Homeschoolers is a Non-directed Support Organization.   We are all equally welcome to plan activities and work together on plans for the group's direction.  For more information on this subject  please visit our Non-Directed Support Organization 

Who Are We?
Metro North East Homeschoolers is a group comprised of a variety of families with many learning styles.   Our families have children ranging in age from infant through high school .  Our views on education are as varied as the ages of our children;  from unschoolers to those using home-based Charter schools.  Our goal is to provide a safe, friendly environment for our children to socialize and develop friendships.  Since there is no group "leader" everyone is welcome, and encouraged, to suggest activities and provide input into group direction.

What Do We Do?
Socialization is a prime focus of our homeschool group.  We plan weekly activities which might include field trips, park days, crafts and educational-based experiences.

Do We Have Activities for Mom?
Once a month, Moms (or Dads are welcome too!) meet to socialize, discuss future activities and discuss exciting educational ideas.  An evening without the kids, lots of laughs, and a multitude of new ideas always leaves our groups' Moms feeling ready to meet the wonderful challenges of homeschooling!

Are We Religion Based?
No.  Our group is all-inclusive.  Though some of our members may homeschool for religious reasons our activities and group events have no particular religious distinction or requirement.