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You have entered the online home for the best fishing guide service in northern California. We are currently upgrading this site to provide you with all information required to get out on the lake and catch some fish. Please stop by often.

For the ultimate in expertise, get on the lake with Rich! He has been fishing on Eagle Lake for over 20 years and guiding on the lake for at least 10. When Rich takes you fishing YOU CATCH FISH!! He prides himself in knowing how to read the lake, find the fish and help you land that trophy. Don't forget to take some home!! The fish are great eating too. Baked, poached or Bar-B-Q'ed there's none better.

Pic of Eagle Lake

You will enjoy the views, the hospitality, the wild life, and especially the fishing. The high pH of Eagle Lake (near 9) allows only 5 species of native fishes to thrive including the prized Eagle Lake trout. Average catch size ranges from 3 to 5 lbs. and some much larger!!

The 1998 season was a big success. Rich had many clients who were satisfied and impressed with his knowledge of the lake, fish's habits and his quick humor while on the lake. Rich is in Redding now. If you would like to call him please call 530-222-6865. Plan your trip for next season early - call Rich to reserve your favorite time now.

Starting a week before Memorial Day, call Rich for more information, prices and reservations at: 530-825-3278. Leave a message…He's usually out on the lake helping someone bring in that big one!! Or, send Rich some email! Don't forget to call Dick and Joanne for a comfortable place to stay.

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